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As a professional graduated translator for the special fields

  • Solar Technology
  • Medical Equipment
  • Law

I translate in the language pairs

  • English –> German
  • French –> German

For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me

Yours sincerely
Stefanie Piel


A good translation should read like an original text. Therefore, the translator has to:

  • Accurately master the correct specialist terminology
  • Have a sound knowledge of the language’s specific nature
  • Deal with the language type of the text to be translated
  • Know who is the target group

Thanks to my comprehensive education, many years of experience and, last but not least, multiple resources I offer you these and much more.

In case you need translations in other languages I will be happy to refer you to qualified colleagues.

Special Fields

I offer you high-quality and reliable translations in the following special fields:

Solar Technology

This field includes solar systems for both industrial and residential use, energy production using photovoltaic (PV) systems, solar energy plants, parabolic trough solar fields as well as topics all around solar energy.

Medical Equipment

This field covers medical equipment like endoscopes, ultrasound equipment, x-ray devices, blood pressure manometers etc. as well as accessories like cannulas, stents, films etc. Then there are several medical procedures like computer tomography, mammography, electrocardiography, endoscopy etc. Alternative medicine is also included.


This mainly includes contracts of any kind. Being certified by the Higher Regional Court of Hamm (North-Rhine-Westphalia), I also translate diplomas, marriage certificates, birth certificates and attestations of all kinds that are to be submitted to official authorities.


Translations are single solutions being tailored to the customer's needs and should be calculated individually. The following factors should be taken into consideration:

  • text amount (lines, pages, words)
  • level of difficulty
  • kind of text (manual, press release, contract, certificate etc.)
  • layout
  • individual wishes
  • rush orders

A precise quotation including the delivery deadline as from the order placement will be given free of charge and without obligation upon request. Simply contact me via phone, fax or email address.

It goes without saying that your data will always be handled with utmost confidentiality.


  • 1969 born in Dortmund
  • 1986–1988 Business School of Languages
  • 1988–1990 Business Management Assistant Training
  • 1991–1992 Stay in the USA
  • 1993–1997 Language Studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne
  • 1995–1996 Winter Term at the Université de Toulouse le Mirail
  • 1997 Degree as Graduate Translator (Diplom-Übersetzerin) for English and French at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne
  • Until 2001 Permanent Employee with MediCom Meier & Koop GmbH in Muenster/Westphalia.
    Being originally employed as a translator, I was later entrusted with the revision of English and German texts, the coordination of projects as well as the setting of texts and administrative tasks.
  • Since 2001 Freelance Translator in Dortmund
  • Since 2003 Certified for the English Language by the Higher Regional Court in Hamm, Westphalia
  • Member of the German Association of Translators and Interpreters (BDÜ)
  • Member of the Interpreters’ and Translators’ Platform in Dortmund


General Terms and Conditions for Translators

1. Scope of application

  1. The following terms and conditions shall apply to contracts concluded between translators and their clients, unless specifically agreed otherwise or mandatorily prescribed by law.
  2. General terms and conditions of the client shall be binding on the translator only if they are specifically acknowledged by the translator.

2. Scope of the translation order

The translation shall be produced carefully in accordance with the principles of correct professional practice. The original of the translation shall be made available to the client as contractually agreed.

3. Client’s obligation to cooperate and inform

  1. The client shall inform the translator in good time about any particular translation specifications (translation on data media, number of copies, readiness for printing, external form of the translation, etc.). If the translation is intended to be printed, the client shall provide the translator with a proof.
  2. The client shall, without being requested to do so and in timely manner, provide the translator with information and documents necessary for the production of the translation (client glossaries, illustrations, drawings, tables, abbreviations, etc.).
  3. The translator shall not be held responsible for any errors resulting from the failure to observe these obligations.

4. Rectification of errors

The translator shall reserve the right to rectify errors. The client shall be entitled to claim the rectification of possible errors in the translation; such claim must be asserted by the client with an exact indication of the errors in question. If the rectification proves to be unsuccessful or a replacement translation is not supplied the statutory warranty rights shall come into effect again unless a different agreement is reached.

5. Liability

The translator shall be liable for gross negligence and intent. The translator shall be liable for slight negligence only in the case of violation of material contractual obligations.

6. Professional secrecy

The translator undertakes to maintain secrecy concerning all facts of which he or she may become aware in the course of his or her activity for the client.

7. Remuneration

  1. Remuneration shall be due immediately after acceptance of the completed translation. The acceptance period must be appropriate.
  2. In addition to the agreed fee the translator shall be entitled to the reimbursement of the expenses actually incurred and agreed with the client. With contracts with private clients, value added tax shall be included in the final price and shown separately. In all other cases it shall be additionally calculated where required by statutory provisions. With large translation orders the translator may demand the advance payment objectively considered necessary for the production of the translation. In justified cases the translator may make the submission of his or her work contingent upon the prior payment of his or her full fee.
  3. If the amount of the fee has not been agreed, an appropriate and customary remuneration based upon the type and level of difficulty of the translation shall be paid. At least the rates specified in the Act on the Compensation of Witnesses and Expert Witnesses shall be deemed appropriate and customary.

8. Reservation of proprietary rights and copyright

  1. The translation shall remain the property of the translator until payment has been effected in full. Until such time the client shall not be entitled to make use of the translation.
  2. The translator shall retain his or her copyright.

9. Applicable law

  1. German law shall apply to the translation order and any claims resulting therefrom.
  2. The effectiveness of these Terms and Conditions shall not be affected by the invalidity and ineffectiveness of individual provisions.


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Some links to colleagues

For technical translations German –> French: » Béatrice Dorange

For translations in the fields biochemistry, law, chemistry
German –> French, Dutch: Marie-Claude Josse (E-Mail)

Some useful links

» Faculty of Languages at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences
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» German Association of Translators and Interpreters (BDÜ e.V.)
» Higher Regional Court of Hamm (Oberlandesgericht)


Stefanie Piel – Diplom-Übersetzerin
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44225 Dortmund

Phone: +49 (0)2 31 - 97 67 582
Fax: +49 (0)2 31 - 97 67 583

VAT-No.: DE218144606

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